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Discover how to increase intimacy in your romantic relationships. Best memories start here.  Learn   how to transform your love life by changing your mindset!

We’re dedicated to bridging the adult intimacy gap by creating a fun, pleasure-positive learning environment for adults to explore sensuality, increase confidence and enhance intimate experiences.

Our goal is to demystify and normalize conversations about sex, sexual health, self-care and intimacy.

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Romantic Getaways

Romantic Getaways & Destinations

Intoxicating Cocktails

Set the mood

Pampering and Relaxation

Massage Techniques


I ordered your book! & let me tell you the difference my man has seen.  I’ve always considered myself to give “good head” but “How to Eat a Banana” taught me so much & different ways of thinking when it comes to giving him head! & now all I wanna do is give him that “goddess head. THANK YOU!!!!!


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Real reviews from real people.  Grab your copy of "How to Eat a Banana," NOW!   This will be one of…


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